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Akim Adhari

Akim, originates from Paris, but spent his early years on the coast of the Mediterranean by the clear waters of Tunisia. A confident and passionate relationship with the water began from a very young age as he spent hours spearfishing with his family who has been fisherman for generations.

This awareness which has been with him throughout his life has helped him achieve success in professional competitions in Muay thai (thai boxing) in Thailand as well as in teaching martial arts. Through this experience he learned to build a strong spirit in order to challenge and overcome his limits.

His passion for the water has brought him back to the sea in the beautiful shores of the Sinai, where working as an instructor he shares and brings freediving to an ever growing audience.

Akim strives to impart his knowledge and experience to those with an open mind and desire to learn. He believes that freediving builds a strong spirit, self-confidence, and a sense of peace, by competing with yourself. It is for people who want to know their ability and expand those limits.

Tunisian Freedive record holder.
AIDA Master Freediving Instructor.
SSI   level3  Freediving instructor.
EFR Insructor.
Spearfishing Instructor.

Blue immersion Yoga Instructor

Ksenia Zhbanova

Yoga literature and long discussions on the topic of Eastern philosophy were not the initial start to my interest in yoga. All of it came later as a consequence. My introduction and fascination with yoga began with practical exercises during my journey to India. When I started practicing yoga, I was very lucky to come across a style, called Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga that was very close to me spiritually, it suited my temperament as well it was well-matched to my need in physical exercise’.

On return from India, Ksenia has carried on practicing yoga in Russia, taking lessons from Moscow’s leading yoga instructors. She has continued developing her body and spirit through dynamic daily exercises and meditation, focusing on her movements and breathing.
While acquiring experience and personal growth, Ksenia has developed a desire to share her knowledge with others. She was determined to demonstrate that yoga is not only about relaxation and meditation but it also involves hours of daily hard work, both physical and mental. After finishing courses in yoga teaching at Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center, Ksenia’s desire led her to become an instructor.
Later, Ksenia has also discovered free-diving as a mean of self-discovery and as a result today she combines her practice in yoga and free-diving. Her classes are built in such a way that makes your muscles warm up and work to its full capacity, in order to have a successful dive, including vital breathing exercises (pranayama) together with various relaxation techniques.


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